One question people ask is when should I introduce my child to books? The answer is to this is they are never too young! The black and white sensory collection books are great for stimulating and developing babies eyes and brain and are suitable from 0+. Soft fabric books are also suitable for newborn and some have added sensory values such as textures and crinkly sounds. These books are usually machine washable making them great for sticky fingers.

Once a baby has reached a few months old you can move on to simple books containing shapes, colours and animals. These are great for engaging children in learning new things.

Once your child has mastered the simple books you can progress to ones contain a basic picture and word, for example, a picture of a dog along with the word dog. This helps to associate the word with an object. You can sound the word to your baby whilst pointing at the picture so D_O_G, dog.

When you feel your little one is ready you can start adding noises, more textures, lift flaps, pop up books and many more. Having a wide variety will encourage reading and keep your child engaged. Reading should be seen as fun and should always be at your Child’s pace. If they have a favourite tv programme you may find they go towards books with those characters. But always encourage lots of different titles and really get into their imaginations. Even if it means they make up their own stories rather than reading the words in the story, it is all great skills for them to be learning.

So in short, it is never too early or too late to be introducing reading and books to children. Start now and give them a life skill.

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