If you got some scare reading the thrillers last year, get ready, as it seems that the new thrillers of 2017 are bound to scare you even more. Just reading through the synopses of these thriller novels gives me goose bumps. Here are some of the best thriller books so far this year:

The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian- This is the story of Annalee Ahlberg, who vanished from bed during the night. Although her family was accustomed to her dangerous somnambulism, on this occasion they feared the worst!

Alleged by Tiffany D. Jackson- This is the story of Mary B. Addison, a black lady who is imprisoned in a group home after being alleged to have killed by a white child. But she claims she has nothing to do with it.

Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner- This tells the story of a young Sharlah May Nash, whose elder brother, Telly Ray, had to beat their father to death to save the both of them. Anyway, after eight years, she received a call that her brother is now on a killing spree on the streets of Oregon. Sharlah must ask himself: is his brother truly a hero?

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