If you enjoy reading Horror stories you will love these top three of 2017:
1. Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories- Written by Kim Newman, not only is he an author, but he is also a well-known movie-critic and journalist. This book is a collection of short horror stories. Some of them have well known characters in them such as: Frankenstein’s monster and Jack the Ripper.
2. The Speckled God- The Speckled God is a novel about an auditor who went missing in a jungle in India. Readers will learn more of the auditor’s story through various means such as: diary-entries, sketches and interviews. This is a story about dark idols and snakes that have come out of a cult.
3. Monstrumfuhrer- In this book, we see a doctor who comes across Victor Frankenstein’s lab journal. We also found two Jewish brothers who are twins that hide in a bookstore in the city of Warsaw. A must read for all Horror story lovers.

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