The Goodreads App and why I love it

The only time I ever really read books is on holiday, and I haven’t gone away for two years now! It’s that same old excuse, ‘I don’t find time’. Yet I do have time for reading news, watching TV, playing games and socialising, so why can’t I seem to fit reading into my life? I’m not entirely sure what the answer is to that one, but the good news is that I can say I’ve changed recently. I’m back into reading like a bee is back in garden at summer, and it’s all down to the Goodreads app on my mobile phone. It’s an app with tons of reviews on books that are new and old and it’s designed to recommend books to read in the future. As soon as I started building my list on the app, I started buying books and began ticking them off. And when I start reading I can’t stop so I’m flying through novels like never before!

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