We’re going to start this article with an interesting fact “60 per cent of the teaching force is female”. Some argue that this slight imbalance has resulted in more men becoming supply teachers so that now nearly 25 per cent are male compared with 15 per cent 20 years ago.  Many women take time out from work to care for young children while others return from maternity leave when their child is older and attend university later in life than their male colleagues. The average age for a teacher leaving full-time education and supply work on the other hand tends to appeal to more mature workers who are looking for variation in their work routine, the flexibility of hours or they are returning after career breaks.  So what would make you want to switch to supply teaching at a younger age?

Well, it can actually be a very shrewd move, because you build more experience in different schools, make friends with teachers you would not have met otherwise and improve your skills in different settings. No two days are ever the same as a supply teacher. You may end up teaching differently too. Being a supply teacher has made many professionals think more about how they teach and plan lessons — seeing things from different perspectives.

What are the rewards of becoming a supply teacher?

If you have ever wondered whether supply teaching Northampton could be right for you, it can offer a valuable range of benefits, such as flexible, varied working patterns; the potential to work in different departments; and further opportunities to learn from experienced teachers. As a supply teacher, you will receive regular feedback which means you are able to build your career and improve your skills.

You can also travel more as a supply teacher. With a better work-life balance, you can see the sights in another part of the country or world, without leaving your teaching career behind. Another benefit of working as a supply teacher is the pay. With the supply pay rates available, you can earn good money while working in schools.

You will also be entitled to a range of benefits on joining your local branch and with each assignment that you undertake. You’ll enjoy plenty of support as a member of an expert team that has dedicated itself to helping supply teachers succeed. A career in supply teaching may suit some people more than others but don’t think it’s not right for you if you haven’t taught before.

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