Writing is a great way to bring out your creative side and provides you with an escape from reality. There are so many benefits for writing your own story, even if it doesn’t get published. If you enjoy reading and have been inspired by other writers, you must try and give it a go yourself. Begin by writing notes and ideas down, these ideas do not have to match or […]

The Top Three Horror Books of 2017

Posted on: 17-04-2017

If you enjoy reading Horror stories you will love these top three of 2017: 1. Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories- Written by Kim Newman, not only is he an author, but he is also a well-known movie-critic and journalist. This book is a collection of short horror stories. Some of them have well known characters in them such as: Frankenstein’s monster and Jack the Ripper. 2. The Speckled God- […]

Outdoor classes may include simple activities like observing the environment or even visiting different workplaces to get a picture of life after school. There are numerous benefits of taking your classroom outdoors. Changing the learning environment makes the learners be more actively involved in the lesson, and this may lead to the students developing an interest in the subject. During outdoor classes, pupils are grouped and given different roles; this […]

Benefits of joining a book club

Posted on: 22-01-2017

A book club is a forum where people meet to read and discuss books. Book clubs do not only involve reading amazing books, but also they have vast benefits to their members. Book clubs provide an amazing opportunity to meet new people, learn about them and make friends. Being friends with people whom you share common interests helps you to freely express your emotions, which can be a great way […]

With technology taking over, education has jumped on boards and merged the two, learning online from your smartphone via an interactive App is a great new way to learn. Getting the time to attend classroom style classes during your busy working lifestyle is unrealistic, that’s why getting a simple App on your phone is so useful. The App can be used at any time you are free and want to […]

When trying to make a good first impression to a potential employer you need to get through the selection process first. Curriculum vitae, otherwise known as CV can make easily sway a potential employer in their choice of eliminating you or asking you for a face to face interview. Making a good CV takes time as it should provide direct information regarding your background, skills, education and employment history. Spend […]

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Posted on: 28-10-2016

As many Harry Potter fans will be aware, there’s a new book out and it’s set 19 years after the last one. Of course, there is a catch, it’s not actually another book written by J.K Rowling, it’s a special rehearsal edition script produced by three individuals; J.K. Rowling (of course), John Tiffancy and Jack Thorn. The book is actually the official script for the play – that is selling […]

As some schools try to cut back on their school budgets, and many newly qualified teachers leave a training course without a permanent teaching job to go to, a number of teachers are turning to supply teaching in Canterbury to gain experience and earn money is steadily rising. But this shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing; although supply teaching can be hard, it’s just as rewarding as regular teaching, and […]

Many of your English school teachers will have told you to read outside of school and you’ll often learn new words this way, as well as picking up writing tips without even knowing. Reading more can improve your own writing, but only if you’re writing as often as you’re reading, after all practice makes perfect. If you rarely ever write and you mainly read, you may still struggle with grammar, […]

The Goodreads App and why I love it

Posted on: 01-05-2016

The Goodreads App and why I love it The only time I ever really read books is on holiday, and I haven’t gone away for two years now! It’s that same old excuse, ‘I don’t find time’. Yet I do have time for reading news, watching TV, playing games and socialising, so why can’t I seem to fit reading into my life? I’m not entirely sure what the answer is […]