When mailing out brochures, it’s important to keep in mind that even though it’s a physical object that will be picked up by the end user, it can be quickly thrown in the trash after just one glance, so how can you prevent this happening?

Don’t overload the brochure with copy

Words are great. They help ensure your message comes across, but they can also have a negative effect especially in terms of making a strong first impression. Let’s say an individual is in the middle of washing up and your brochure comes through their door. They probably aren’t going to be ‘in the mode’ to read through a few pages of text, so there’s a high chance they’ll just throw your brochure away, even if it is relevant to them. With strong imagery and a clear message, you can stand a better chance of winning their interest.

Have a clear CTA

This leads on the next important aspect, having a clear CTA so they know exactly what your brochure is about. Let’s say you’d like to send them to your new shiny website, be sure to give them a reason to log on to the computer and visit your site. Possibly an offer or promotion? Then you need to make sure this comes through in the brochure quickly, so you’re not wasting any of their time and getting straight to the point.

Choose the right recipients

Not everything you produce will be 100% relevant to your customers, even if they’ve bought from you before. So you need to make sure the mail piece is targeted and specific to those who are receiving it. Relevancy is key to success in direct mail fulfilment, and if you’re able to appeal the recipients interests and offer them some value that they can appreciate, then you’ll stand a much better chance of achieving your goal, whether that be more sales, website visits or enquiries.

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