With technology taking over, education has jumped on boards and merged the two, learning online from your smartphone via an interactive App is a great new way to learn. Getting the time to attend classroom style classes during your busy working lifestyle is unrealistic, that’s why getting a simple App on your phone is so useful. The App can be used at any time you are free and want to learn.

Being able to speak two languages is a great skill to have, unfortunately we are not all lucky enough to be born with such skills. You may have been taught some French, German or Spanish as part of your schooling, but never took it further. Well there is no better time to start than this new year.

Duolingo is a fantastic App and compared to many other language learning sites it is free! Yes, it costs absolutely nothing. This interactive App makes leaning a new language fun and even addictive, as you collect points for correct answers. Duolingo recommends short lessons every day, and even has a streahands-coffee-smartphone-technologyk count, to motivate you to stay on track with your language learning.

Each lesson with Duolingo is sure to keep you learning in an interactive way, the lessons have speaking, listening, translating and multiple choice challenges included. The heart system works well, as it encourages you to answer correctly as an incorrect answer results in losing a heart, if you are out of hearts, you must start again.

The great part of learning a language online or on your smartphone is that you can do it anywhere, as long as you have WiFi or data usage on your device, learning has no limits. You could fit a lesson in on your commute to work or on your lunch break, you will be fluent in no time.

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