As many Harry Potter fans will be aware, there’s a new book out and it’s set 19 years after the last one. Of course, there is a catch, it’s not actually another book written by J.K Rowling, it’s a special rehearsal edition script produced by three individuals; J.K. Rowling (of course), John Tiffancy and Jack Thorn. The book is actually the official script for the play – that is selling tickets like hot cakes, but many hardcore Potter fans aren’t too happy with the move. Some argue this is just fan fiction and it doesn’t have the feel of the other Harry Potter books. Others believe Rowling is a sellout because she’s added her name to the book even though she’s had very little input. That said, some people are loving it and it’s great that it’s got people talking about the wizarding world again. The return of popular characters is not a bad thing by any means in our opinion and without spoiling anything we can say that it’s certainly a book that’s impressed us. So go ahead, give it a read.

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