If you are interested in choosing education as a career, then the best option for you is to become a teacher. There’s a mental satisfaction you gain while you teach children, but if you are facing difficulty in becoming a full time teacher then you have the option of considering supply teaching, and this type of role could help your dreams begin to blossom. So probably the most important thing […]

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When trying to make a good first impression to a potential employer you need to get through the selection process first. Curriculum vitae, otherwise known as CV can make easily sway a potential employer in their choice of eliminating you or asking you for a face to face interview. Making a good CV takes time as it should provide direct information regarding your background, skills, education and employment history. Spend […]

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Writing a killer job application It’s that time of year again when people look for new roles, and we’re going to celebrate this time of the year with a post about writing a quality job application. First things first, read the application through once first with a cup of tea. It’s important to know what’s going to be asked of you before you get the ball point pen out. Once […]

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Interview Prep in 2016 An invitation for an interview is usually fantastic news, but after the excitement has kicked in, it’s normal to feel slightly overwhelmed and anxious. Nowadays, with easy access to social media, there’s a good chance the interviewer knows more about you than you may think! They’re unlikely to use this material in their interviews, but you may want to be honest if they ask you about […]

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