We’re going to start this article with an interesting fact “60 per cent of the teaching force is female”. Some argue that this slight imbalance has resulted in more men becoming supply teachers so that now nearly 25 per cent are male compared with 15 per cent 20 years ago.  Many women take time out from work to care for young children while others return from maternity leave when their […]

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Some teens love to read. But what are some books we can purchase them to keep their love for reading alive? Today, we are going to share with you some of our favourite books for teens this year. Harry PotterA classic favourite is the one and only Harry Potter series. This is a well worded and extremely magical book, which is bound to keep your teens love for books alive! […]

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It is extremely important that we continue to spread the love of books and the love of reading. Reading is an extremely important skill which can help you and others learn. You will be surprised how much you can learn just by reading. Books offer us a way to escape. Most people nowadays use their phones to escape from the world around us. But all they are doing is heading […]

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As we see the growth in using e-books over books, you can see that libraries are slowly becoming more outdated. People are not going to libraries as often anymore. However, this should not be the case. We should still love going to our local libraries. They have much more to offer than books. Some libraries can allow you the use the internet. This may be limited, however, if you can […]

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The big debate in reading now is books or e-books. Which form of book is better? They both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it will depend on your preference. BooksOne of the main advantages of reading a book is that you can hold the physical book in your hands. A lot of readers love the smell of books, which is another benefit of having the physical book, you can […]

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Reading is a skill that is needed on a daily basis. So encouraging your child to love reading is amazing. If they grow up to love to read it can have many benefits for them! It is much better to have a child that loves reading than hates reading. The first benefit of reading in children is that it helps develop their imagination. When they are reading they see how […]

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A lot of people think that email is the only thing you should be using in today’s digital age. The truth is, print and mail services have become more important than ever because of the overuse of email marketing. Below, we will be going over why print and mail is as good (if not better). Reasons Print And Mail Are Important: Oversaturation Perhaps the main reason it is so important […]

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Falling out of love with reading is one thing, but perhaps you’re so tired of youtube, audiobooks and TV shows that you crave reading right now from plain paper pages. We know how you feel. There are of course people that read tons and ask them about books, but how do they do it? They do it because they enjoy it, and you can too, you have to switch off […]

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If you are interested in choosing education as a career, then the best option for you is to become a teacher. There’s a mental satisfaction you gain while you teach children, but if you are facing difficulty in becoming a full time teacher then you have the option of considering supply teaching, and this type of role could help your dreams begin to blossom. So probably the most important thing […]

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There are so many reasons why it can make sense to become a supply teacher, and we’re going to guide you through some of the key advantages. Whether you’re looking for a career change or have just come out of university and are considering a career in education, here are a few reasons why you may want to get into supply teaching, also known as substitute teaching. Flexibility As a […]

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