Teaching can be an extremely rewarding job, and with each day offering you something different, this career is sure to keep you on your toes. There are always pros and cons to every job, so we have broken it down to help you out: Positives: – Each day is different, so you will never get board as a teacher, no matter what year group you decide to teach. – Good […]

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Marking has to be the job teacher like least. Not just because the work is fairly tedious, but because it is something teachers are expected to do outside of work, and even though they are getting paid for it, it can be difficult to stay motivated and keep on top of things. We of course want to be clear and say that it’s no excuse for a professional teacher to […]

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Starting university is a massive achievement, and that’s why it is so important to be prepared for the start of the course. Most university courses will send you information regarding the content of each module, this may include recommended reading and also compulsory reading materials. Having a student load is extremely helpful, however with rent to pay and a few drinks too, money can disappear fast. New academic books don’t […]

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Outdoor classes may include simple activities like observing the environment or even visiting different workplaces to get a picture of life after school. There are numerous benefits of taking your classroom outdoors. Changing the learning environment makes the learners be more actively involved in the lesson, and this may lead to the students developing an interest in the subject. During outdoor classes, pupils are grouped and given different roles; this […]

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With technology taking over, education has jumped on boards and merged the two, learning online from your smartphone via an interactive App is a great new way to learn. Getting the time to attend classroom style classes during your busy working lifestyle is unrealistic, that’s why getting a simple App on your phone is so useful. The App can be used at any time you are free and want to […]

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As some schools try to cut back on their school budgets, and many newly qualified teachers leave a training course without a permanent teaching job to go to, a number of teachers are turning to supply teaching in Canterbury to gain experience and earn money is steadily rising. But this shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing; although supply teaching can be hard, it’s just as rewarding as regular teaching, and […]

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Many of your English school teachers will have told you to read outside of school and you’ll often learn new words this way, as well as picking up writing tips without even knowing. Reading more can improve your own writing, but only if you’re writing as often as you’re reading, after all practice makes perfect. If you rarely ever write and you mainly read, you may still struggle with grammar, […]

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Is it Time for Schools to Move Away From Hard-Copy Books? Most people have distinct memories of their school life, where they would have to spend time and energy organising what books they’ll need for the days lessons and then lugging them around the school the whole day. For the first time in human history, children are able to have the reasonable expectation that school-books are a thing of the […]

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Finding the time to read Some people say reading is dying, others say it’s simply changing form. Reading a new book used to be something exciting, something to look forward to, but nowadays it seems as though most people don’t have the time. That said, we have the time to read tweets, interact with strangers and watch 100 YouTube videos in a day! We feel that even today in this […]

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6 Tips For Finding And Keeping Supply Jobs Finding supply work is becoming harder and harder by the day and most supply teachers are having much trouble landing themselves supply teaching jobs with some of them almost giving up on their profession. However, there are numerous schools that are offering supply jobs and all you have to do is look for them the best way. Below are a few tips […]

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