Finding the time to read Some people say reading is dying, others say it’s simply changing form. Reading a new book used to be something exciting, something to look forward to, but nowadays it seems as though most people don’t have the time. That said, we have the time to read tweets, interact with strangers and watch 100 YouTube videos in a day! We feel that even today in this […]

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The present century has been seeing some marvelous breakthrough inventions and mind blowing innovations. These ground-breaking pathways have led to the rise of a knowledge era. Acquiring knowledge should be a multifaceted approach, not just bookish knowledge but its applicability is also important. Otherwise the knowledge is of little use. The educational institutions today, are realizing the significance of this fact and are trying to reform their way of teaching. […]

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Dictionaries are used to look up the meanings of words, and the correct spelling and pronunciation of words also. Everyone has access to dictionaries through either book, internet or mobile forms – even predictive text acts like a dictionary! One of the primary reasons for using a dictionary is to find the meaning of a word. The first thing you need to do is know what letter the word begins […]

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With technology advancing day by day the good old fashioned printed book is slowly being taken over by online material. Many books are available via websites to be downloaded to a device such as a Kindle or read on screen. Schools are now showing a change in the way certain lessons are taught and have started to supply students with the use of Ipads and other tablets for research and […]

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With TV becoming a large part of a child’s evening routine, do parents still remember to read stories to their children? A recent survey showed that many parents rely upon children’s television programs to tell their child a story or they will play an interactive book on their tablet before they go to bed. Children still need to be able to read a book the “old fashioned” way as when […]

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When learning a new language many people use reference books. Are books really the best way to learn a new language? What other material is available. The beauty of books is that you can take them anywhere with you. Maybe it’s just a few phrases you want to learn or have to hand when you are in a foreign country. I think for this purpose, books are great and with […]

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Many people say that we are reading fewer books, even with the introduction of e-book readers. It may be fair to say that a lack of time is the reason, but can this be the case? People can find time to watch the TV browse the internet, perhaps read news stories, so why not books? Well obviously a lot of people do, and perhaps those who have not read a […]

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Normal books can today be deemed ‘old fashioned’, even though many book stores continue to survive. E-books are often noted as the replacement for traditional books. And while recent Kindle adverts focus on how well the device copes in the sun, ‘as if it’s paper’, it can make you wonder why you wouldn’t just buy a book in the first place. Books can be read at all angles, they don’t […]

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