Mental health issues are becoming more common in children and adults alike. With the past year we have faced, children have begun showing major signs of mental health issues. This is why it is important for us to discuss with our children all about mental health, helping them to understand their minds, and more. Today, we are going to share with you a selection of books that will help your children to understand and maintain their mental state.

The Unworry Book – £8.99
The unworry book is an amazing book for helping young children to start to understand their minds and come to terms with how they are feeling. With the book including a range of activities that will help to calm their minds down and help them to understand their feelings and why they may be feeling this way.

All About Feelings- £9.99
This is another book that is suitable for children of young ages. A book that helps to discuss openly all about feelings. Providing them with information to understand and name their feelings correctly. Giving children an insight into all the different feelings that they may feel throughout their life. As well as giving them vital information into who they can contact if they are struggling.

Be You: Bold & Brilliant Journal £5.99
This is a journal that has been created to help to encourage healthy habits. Rather than talking down about yourself, this journey encourages positive thinking and positive writing. Helping you to conquer your mind into being positive over negative. Helping you daily to maintain these positive thoughts, making each day a better day.

These are our top three books for helping children understand, come to terms with and conquer their own mental health. Helping to ensure they live the happy life they deserve without suffering from any mental illness.

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