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The Goodreads App and why I love it

Posted on: 01-05-2016

The Goodreads App and why I love it The only time I ever really read books is on holiday, and I haven’t gone away for two years now! It’s that same old excuse, ‘I don’t find time’. Yet I do have time for reading news, watching TV, playing games and socialising, so why can’t I seem to fit reading into my life? I’m not entirely sure what the answer is […]

Writing a killer job application

Posted on: 01-04-2016

Writing a killer job application It’s that time of year again when people look for new roles, and we’re going to celebrate this time of the year with a post about writing a quality job application. First things first, read the application through once first with a cup of tea. It’s important to know what’s going to be asked of you before you get the ball point pen out. Once […]

Interview Prep in 2016

Posted on: 01-03-2016

Interview Prep in 2016 An invitation for an interview is usually fantastic news, but after the excitement has kicked in, it’s normal to feel slightly overwhelmed and anxious. Nowadays, with easy access to social media, there’s a good chance the interviewer knows more about you than you may think! They’re unlikely to use this material in their interviews, but you may want to be honest if they ask you about […]

Is it Time for Schools to Move Away From Hard-Copy Books? Most people have distinct memories of their school life, where they would have to spend time and energy organising what books they’ll need for the days lessons and then lugging them around the school the whole day. For the first time in human history, children are able to have the reasonable expectation that school-books are a thing of the […]

Finding the time to read

Posted on: 01-01-2016

Finding the time to read Some people say reading is dying, others say it’s simply changing form. Reading a new book used to be something exciting, something to look forward to, but nowadays it seems as though most people don’t have the time. That said, we have the time to read tweets, interact with strangers and watch 100 YouTube videos in a day! We feel that even today in this […]

6 Tips For Finding And Keeping Supply Jobs Finding supply work is becoming harder and harder by the day and most supply teachers are having much trouble landing themselves supply teaching jobs with some of them almost giving up on their profession. However, there are numerous schools that are offering supply jobs and all you have to do is look for them the best way. Below are a few tips […]

Learning is an adventure, it helps one to discover many unknown facts of life but often learning becomes tedious and hard especially when the syllabus is vast and comprehensive. Today when everything is going online and when the process is highly delightful from varying angles, today school as well as college education can be procured through online courses. While accessing the education based sites you will come across number of […]

The present century has been seeing some marvelous breakthrough inventions and mind blowing innovations. These ground-breaking pathways have led to the rise of a knowledge era. Acquiring knowledge should be a multifaceted approach, not just bookish knowledge but its applicability is also important. Otherwise the knowledge is of little use. The educational institutions today, are realizing the significance of this fact and are trying to reform their way of teaching. […]

Being an educated person, you can live sophisticated and stress free life. Education never ends the main thing to know. At any age, you can start study. There is no age limit to get educated. Hence, it is clear that the education plays an essential role in the life of a person. Sometimes, people do not have enough money to go for higher education. Still, there is nothing to worry […]

In the present scenario, unemployment is one of the biggest problems. Every country is facing this problem with different concerns. After getting education, young generation wants to settle in some job and a huge population is required to adjust in private or public sector jobs. Now a question arises that what solution of this problem is. Job seeking is not only a requirement, this is necessity too. What a youth […]